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Any citizen of Ukraine, a foreigner or a stateless person lawfully staying in Ukraine, who recognize the Charter of the Society and Code of Conduct for its members, volunteers and employees of the Society organizations, pay entry and annual membership fees and are at least 14 years old, may be a member of the Society. Membership in the Society is not restricted by age for anyone, regardless of national, racial, class, religious and linguistic grounds, ideological views or any other similar grounds. An individual may become a member of the Society on the basis of a written or verbal statement on his/her intention to join the Society addressed to the President of the Society. Based on that statement, an individual gets the status of a member of the Society after paying the entry fee and getting an ID card of the Society member.

The Ukrainian Red Cross Society will be pleased to accept you as a member. If you wish to join our friendly volunteer movement of the National Society, please fill in the volunteer form.

The Ukrainian Red Cross Society is the All-Ukrainian voluntary non-governmental humanitarian organization. The Society helps the state by rendering medical and humanitarian assistance during armed conflicts and in peace time, participates in international assistance in case of catastrophic crashes and emergency situations, provides medical and social assistance to the least socially-protected segments of the population.

 ‘… The specified objective shall be achieved without prejudice, without any discrimination on the grounds of nation, race, sex, religion, language, class or political convictions or on any other similar grounds…’

(From the Charter of Ukrainian Red Cross Society)

Any person who got into trouble – loneliness, disease, poverty, unemployment, loss of family relations, emergencies or armed conflict – may apply to the Red Cross employees. The wards of the Society are lonely needy elderly people, disabled people, veterans and disabled veterans, internally displaced persons and other segments of the population needing the public assistance. However, often the opportunity of help depends on the Society programs which are being realized now, where criteria of beneficiaries among the above-mentioned categories of the population are accurately designated.

Please submit a package of your identifying documents and evidence of your difficult life circumstances to the Ukrainian Red Cross Society in your locality or place of your registration. You will be told when and how you can receive help

Depending on the opportunities available to the Ukrainian Red Cross Society and depending on the programs which the Society is realizing now, which accurately designate criteria for the beneficiaries among the most vulnerable categories of the population, you can get material help (clothes, footwear, means of hygiene, products, food or pharmaceutical vouchers, etc.), psychosocial help, services of the Society patronage, etc. Please submit a package of your identifying documents and evidence of your difficult life circumstances / state of health to the nearest branch of the Ukrainian Red Cross Society. You will be told which help you can receive

An emergency response team participates in humanitarian operations on rendering first aid, medico-social and psychosocial support to the population, on evacuation of the emergency-affected population, organization of camps for temporary placement of the emergency-affected people and food stations for them and so forth.

Also, volunteers of the teams participate in implementation of charitable programs for humanitarian assistance to the affected and vulnerable population groups. As a rule, members of the teams all over Ukraine patrol the mass actions (concerts, festive events, sports competitions, meetings), conduct trainings on first aid, mine safety and so forth. If you wish to join the amicable emergency response team of the Ukrainian Red Cross Society, please fill-in the volunteer form.

Thank you for your willing to help! You can provide material or financial support or to become a volunteer (link to the question of volunteering). If you would like to provide a financial assistance, you can transfer funds online via link Ammado link, transfer funds to a bank account … or help using our aid boxes located in public places. In order to donate in kind, please contact the nearest Red Cross branch of URCS. Our experts will tell you what kind of assistance is the most necessary, and accept your assistance with the sincere gratitude

Please contact your nearest Red Cross branch of URCS. You will be told when there will be the next set of courses for First Aid training, where you can get the important skills that can save lives

Please contact your nearest Red Cross branch of URCS. You will be told which medical facility you can refer to in order to donate blood and help to save lives.