3 Donate

Of course, you have such an opportunity. You can buy not a membership ticket, but a charity ticket - and not for a fixed amount, but for the one you think is appropriate. The funds donated by you in this way will go to the aid of the Society to those people who need it. You can buy a charity ticket of the Society right here, on the website, or in person, by visiting any organization of the Society.
No. A member of the Society may indeed belong to any of the above groups at the same time or may not belong to any of them. Moreover, we strongly welcome the conscious and voluntary acquisition of membership by our volunteers and staff, which allows them to take an active part in the management of the Society. But membership is not a prerequisite for volunteering for the Society, getting a job with us, or receiving our services. Membership in the Society is conscious and voluntary. If you are forced to become a member of the Society, please report it to sos@redcross.org.ua.

Ukrainian Red Cross Society has clothing banks all over Ukraine, which are used by people who cannot buy clothes on their own due to a difficult life situations. You can apply to the addresses of regional branches. Things must be clean and in good condition: we take care of the comfort of our wards.

Thank you for your willing to help! You can provide material or financial support or to become a volunteer (link to the question of volunteering). If you would like to provide a financial assistance, you can transfer funds online via link Ammado link, transfer funds to a bank account ... or help using our aid boxes located in public places. In order to donate in kind, please contact the nearest Red Cross branch of URCS. Our experts will tell you what kind of assistance is the most necessary, and accept your assistance with the sincere gratitude