Mine Danger

Risk awareness / Safer behaviour relating to mines / ERW

Since July 2015, the Ukrainian Red Cross Society, with the support of the International Committee of the Red Cross, has been implementing a project to eliminate the risks of mines and the explosive consequences of war. The main task of the project is to raise awareness of vulnerable groups about the problem of mines and explosive consequences of war. Efforts are focused on informing residents of settlements in the conflict zone, as well as internally displaced persons.

The Society also promotes the development of safe behavior by the Society’s employees / volunteers among the affected communities in order to reduce their vulnerability to risks and increase their capacity to combat armed danger.

Advocacy is being done to strengthen cooperation and partnerships with communities, civil society, public authorities and the private sector to support holistic, integrated, community-led solutions and to strengthen the capacity to respond to armed danger.

The Red Cross of Ukraine expands the geography of BP / PO programs of Ukraine among employees, volunteers of the Society and the local population through interventions that meet the local context, needs analysis and target the most vulnerable categories of the population.

The Society conducts information activities and informs about the risks among the population in the prevention of tuberculosis and other socially dangerous diseases, and in the prevention of non-communicable diseases (healthy lifestyle for different age groups).