Emergency response teams

Since 2013, emergency response teams of the Red Cross have been formed in the URCS from volunteers. The aim of the teams work is to assist the population affected by technogenic, natural and social emergencies, as well as to take preventive measures to avert emergencies.

In their work, emergency response teams participate in humanitarian operations of first aid, medical, social and psycho-social support, evacuation of the emergency-affected population, organizing camps for temporary accommodation of affected people and food stations for them etc. Also, volunteers are involved in implementing charitable programs on humanitarian assistance to the affected people and vulnerable population. Usually the team members throughout Ukraine do patrol work during mass events (concerts, celebrations, sporting events, meetings), conduct trainings on first aid, mine safety and others.

During the protests in Kiev in 2013-2014 years, emergency response teams of the National Committee of the URCS provided assistance to more than 1,500 affected people, including 32 employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.