4 Activities

Home care by the Society's organizations is carried out for lonely or conditionally lonely elderly people and persons with disabilities who have partially or completely lost the ability to move and self-care, remote from the infrastructure. Today, not all organizations of the Society in the field carry out such activities. To find out if such activities are carried out, please contact the nearest regional branches of the Ukrainian Red Cross Society at the place of residence or registration for additional information.
Please contact your nearest Red Cross branch of URCS. You will be told when there will be the next set of courses for First Aid training, where you can get the important skills that can save lives
Please contact your nearest Red Cross branch of URCS. You will be told which medical facility you can refer to in order to donate blood and help to save lives.
An extensive network of URCS organizations, which covers the whole territory of Ukraine, allows the people to apply on a search to any nearest Red Cross branch of URCS. All services regarding tracing and restoring family links are rendered on a free-of-charge basis and respect the human right to keep personal data and information (confidentiality). Every application is carefully reviewed, and all available resources are used for tracing. Contacts of the Tracing Service of URCS – SC Head – Ms. Irina Tsariuk, tel.: (044) 235-10-96, e-mail: rfl@redcross.org.ua.