5 Volunteering

Membership in the Red Cross of Ukraine is the organizational support of the national society. Every citizen who has made a membership fee for a fixed amount receives a membership card, which entitles him to participate in the regular elections of the governing bodies of an organization of the Society. The funds paid for the membership card are spent on ensuring the activities of the Society. A member of the Red Cross Society of Ukraine may be citizens of Ukraine and foreign citizens who recognize the Charter of the Society, the Code of Conduct for members, volunteers and employees of the Society. All members of the Society acquire the status of a member after paying the entrance fee and receiving a ticket of a member of the Society. Volunteers work in a variety of fields. This includes helping the elderly at home, working with young children, participating in campaigns and campaigns to combat the spread of socially dangerous diseases, and much more - everyone chooses the direction in which he sees himself best. Volunteers also have unique characteristics, including personal motivation and local involvement. Volunteers are part of the community. They know the needs and capabilities of the people they interact with because they are already among them. A volunteer may or may not be a member of the Society, just as a member of the Society may or may not be a volunteer. Both membership and volunteering in the Society are exclusively voluntary.
The Ukrainian Red Cross Society will be pleased to accept you as a member. If you wish to join our friendly volunteer movement of the National Society, please fill in the volunteer form.
An emergency response team participates in humanitarian operations on rendering first aid, medico-social and psychosocial support to the population, on evacuation of the emergency-affected population, organization of camps for temporary placement of the emergency-affected people and food stations for them and so forth. Also, volunteers of the teams participate in implementation of charitable programs for humanitarian assistance to the affected and vulnerable population groups. As a rule, members of the teams all over Ukraine patrol the mass actions (concerts, festive events, sports competitions, meetings), conduct trainings on first aid, mine safety and so forth. If you wish to join the amicable emergency response team of the Ukrainian Red Cross Society, please fill-in the volunteer form.