Specialists of Metinvest Plants in Kryvyi Rih Learn First Aid Skills from the Ukrainian Red Cross

Specialists of Metinvest Plants in Kryvyi Rih Learn First Aid Skills from the Ukrainian Red Cross

Metinvest mining and processing plants regularly conduct first aid training. During the war, this is the second major course involving over 500 miners and employees of Metinvest-PromService.

Ensuring the safety of employees’ lives and health is a top priority for Metinvest. With the outbreak of the full-scale war, the threat of shelling and destruction has been added to production risks. Consequently, employee groups have been formed at Kryvyi Rih Enterprises to monitor the situation in the divisions and provide assistance to colleagues when necessary. The second training course targets new participants, aiming to increase the number of employees in production units ready to respond effectively to emergencies.

Certified trainers from the Ukrainian Red Cross, equipped with extensive practical experience, conduct the training. Metinvest employees engage in both theoretical learning and practical skill development in small groups, facilitating a more comprehensive mastery of the material.

“Our training programmes are structured into separate modules, with practical skills training comprising 60% of the total duration,” explained Olena Okhrimenko, a trainer from the Ukrainian Red Cross. “We begin by teaching the first aid protocol, covering the theoretical understanding of how the body responds in crisis situations. Through demonstrations and role-playing exercises, participants learn how to stabilise victims, administer cardiopulmonary resuscitation, manage bleeding, treat various wounds and injuries including fractures and burns, and respond to emergencies such as heart attacks, strokes, and acute abdominal pain. By the course’s conclusion, participants gain the confidence to administer first aid effectively using improvised methods, ensuring the victim’s safety and well-being until professional medical assistance arrives. Additionally, they acquire knowledge on self-protection within legal boundaries.”

After completing the course, each participant will receive a certificate valid for three years and recognised in more than 190 countries. 

“Working in a high-risk environment requires confident first aid skills, so I eagerly enrolled in the training. And I have no regrets! Previously, my knowledge was primarily theoretical, but now it has been enriched with practical first-aid skills. Learning the protocols for repositioning, stabilising, and transporting victims was entirely new to me. Practising techniques for controlling bleeding using different methods proved useful. Collaborating with colleagues in tandem during exercises enhanced our learning experience. The trainers helped us to master the necessary information,” shared Oleksandr Rakuta, an instructor driver of the locomotive crews at the Northern Mining and Processing Plant.

“I gained valuable experience. The ability to provide first aid before doctors or emergency workers arrive and to react quickly and correctly in critical situations is important in life in general, and even more crucial during times of war. We dedicated much time to action protocols for providing assistance: understanding the sequence, speed, priorities, and necessary actions. Significant focus was placed on controlling bleeding, treating various types of injuries, and safely transporting victims. The training was highly informative, with plenty of hands-on practice. Consequently, I believe I have consolidated my skills and will not get lost in case of emergencies,” shared Hennadiy Demchenko, acting head of the motor vehicle department at Ingulets Mining and Processing Plant.

Article by Krivbass.city

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