“Suspilne: News”: Responding to the Aftermath of the Dnipro Attack 19.04.2024

“Suspilne: News”: Responding to the Aftermath of the Dnipro Attack 19.04.2024

“People are in a state of shock. There’s a girl in the tent who’s shaking. She’s been trembling for an hour now, and we can’t seem to calm her. A psychologist is currently working with her. It all came unexpectedly. People were at home, resting, when this disaster struck,” shares Liudmyla Lashko, Head of the Dnipro Regional Branch of the Ukrainian Red Cross, in a report on Suspilne: News covering the response to the strike on Dnipro.

Today, another rocket attack on Dnipro has resulted in damage to a multi-storey apartment block. There are casualties, both dead and wounded. Windows and doors have been blown out of nearby residential buildings. 

“At 5:10 a.m., the emergency response team arrived at the scene of the explosion. Volunteers swiftly began administering first aid and psychological assistance while establishing a warming centre. People gathered here to warm themselves, even with their animals, and to charge their phones.”

Volunteers provided first aid to approximately 10 people with various injuries, including shrapnel wounds, cuts, and bruises.

Later, the emergency response team was reinforced by teams from the regional and municipal branches of the Ukrainian Red Cross. Blankets, sleeping bags, and other humanitarian aid were distributed to the affected individuals. Tarpaulins were provided to cover windows shattered by the blast wave. Additionally, specialists offered further medical assistance to both victims and witnesses.

For further information, please refer to the detailed story on Суспільне: новини.

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