10 years of the Emergency Response Team

10 years of the Emergency Response Team

10 years ago girls and boys in red uniforms with distinctive red crosses went to Bankivska Street in Kyiv to help the protesters. Back then these girls and boys had only a burning desire to help and small first aid kits with bandages.

Today these are large teams across Ukraine with specially equipped vehicles, trained volunteers, and the necessary equipment to transport and evacuate people, provide first aid and psychological support, and deploy aid stations at emergency response sites.

Today there are more than 500 of these guys and girls. And they are a powerful support for the state in responding to all emergencies.

They are the ones who despite the fear of danger, difficult working conditions and sleepless nights, help people in the most critical situations every day.

They are near.
They are at the epicenter of emergencies.
They are with people and for people!

We are proud of our volunteers!


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