The Ukrainian Red Cross Provides Mental and Physical Rehabilitation Services

The Ukrainian Red Cross Provides Mental and Physical Rehabilitation Services

This was discussed at the Summit on ″The Path of a Veteran from Military Service to Civilian Life″, held in Kyiv by the Ministry of Veterans Affairs of Ukraine, with the support of the Ukrainian Red Cross. 

The Summit serves as a platform for uniting the efforts of the state and public sectors, businesses, foreign missions, and international organisations dedicated to supporting veterans, focusing on their reintegration into the workforce, and facilitating their adaptation to various aspects of civilian life. Additionally, participants discussed strategies to assist veterans in returning to their families and communities and becoming active members of society. 

“The significance of the Ukrainian Red Cross today lies in its provision of a wide range of services in the field of physical and mental rehabilitation, including psychosocial support, psychological first aid, counselling, home-based rehabilitation services, provision of supportive rehabilitation equipment, recommendations for adjusting accommodation, financial assistance, and installation of inclusive sports grounds. Thanks to our extensive network throughout the country, we provide services directly in communities, which allows us to reach different groups of the population, even in the most remote settlements, said Tetiana Yushchenko, Head of the Physical and Mental Rehabilitation Unit of the Rehabilitation and Support Department of the Ukrainian Red Cross. At the same time, in collaboration with the Ministry of Veterans Affairs, we have recently launched the Unified Veterans Hotline, which provides information, counselling and psychological services to veterans and their families”. 

It is worth noting that since 2022, with the support of the Ukrainian Red Cross, the rehabilitation centre in Liutizh has been restored, the Unbroken Centre in Lviv has been reconstructed, and equipment has been provided for the rehabilitation centre in Borodianka, Kyiv region. 

The Ukrainian Red Cross is currently developing an information campaign to promote the inclusiveness of community-based service routes and reduce the stigma against people with disabilities. 


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