The Ukrainian Red Cross Provides Individual Counselling on Employment

The Ukrainian Red Cross Provides Individual Counselling on Employment

People who were forced to relocate to another region or have lost their jobs and those who have physical health problems or special life circumstances face difficulties in finding new employment.

A man called the Ukrainian Red Cross hotline. At the age of 60, he was compelled to relocate with his wife from the area bordering the line of active hostilities to another city. Uncertain of where to begin his job search, the urgency of securing accommodation and settling in motivated him to seek assistance. Upon contacting the Ukrainian Red Cross national hotline, he was directed to the operator of the ‘Reset: Expanding Employment Opportunities’ project. During individual counselling, the operator assisted him in identifying his preferred field of work, selecting suitable job offers, and crafting and submitting his CV. Following this support, the man successfully passed the interview and is now employed in his field of expertise, being engaged in his favourite activity.

Individual counselling provided by the Ukrainian Red Cross hotline allows people aged 18 to 65 to develop their own strategy for finding a job in their local area. During these consultations, together with the beneficiaries/candidates/project participants, we address various issues, including:

  • Where and how to look for a job in the current labour market.
  • What can help you find a job faster?
  • How to identify optimal employment opportunities regarding working conditions, salary, and field of activity.
  • How to write a CV and prepare for an interview to highlight your strengths and advantages.
  • Where to find free resources to develop professional skills and become a competitive candidate.

Together with the project participants, we develop a clear understanding and create an effective action plan to improve their specific life situation. Equipping them with relevant tools fosters confidence and facilitates the process of finding suitable employment in their local area. The project ‘Reset: Expanding Employment Opportunities’ is implemented with the support of the Spanish Red Cross.

For further information, please contact the Ukrainian Red Cross hotline at 0 800 332 656.

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