Helping in Chernihiv

Helping in Chernihiv

Volunteers and employees of Ukrainian Red Cross in Chernihiv:

▪️brought humanitarian aid to the affected population: food, clothing, hygiene products, warm blankets, etc. So far, more than 400 meal kits have been delivered (flour, yeast, cereals, pasta, oil, sugar, fish preserves, stews, cookies, tea);

▪️transported more than 40 people with disability from dangerous places to bomb shelters;

▪️helped the population that has been in bomb shelters for more than a week;

▪️delivered food, hot lunches, medicines to medical facilities;

▪️accompanied the evacuation of children with chronic diseases to Kyiv;

▪️volunteers of the Emergency Response Team delivered hot lunches to the half-destroyed and blocked psychoneurological hospital.

There is no gas, heating, water and electricity supply in Chernihiv.

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