Youth movement


Youth movement

One of the top-priority directions of the Ukrainian Red Cross Society is the development of the youth movement. Joining various humanitarian tasks of the organization, the young people* have an excellent opportunity to develop, acquire important life skills to implement their own initiatives. Adherence to the fundamental principles of the Movement aims to prevent such phenomena as stigma and discrimination and is an excellent basis for the education of future generations, and this is what actually happens. Youth movement is completely subordinated to the organization management and has its management body – the Youth Commission. This body monitors implementation of the youth program of the Society, initiates and organizes youth events on the regional and national levels.

Also, the youth joining the Ukrainian Red Cross Society actively communicates with young people of various foreign National Societies and enjoy the opportunity to learn from their experience and to improve constantly. Joining the work of the Red Cross, the young people not only contribute to the mission of the Red Cross aimed at alleviating human suffering, but also get an excellent opportunity to become self-fulfilled.

The main activities:

  • Dissemination of IHL
  • Work with vulnerable populations (internally displaced persons, persons with disabilities, orphans, the elderly)
  • Health care (promotion of healthy lifestyles, prevention of infectious diseases)
  • Emergency Response (first aid and mine safety trainings; youth can be a part of the emergency response teams).

If you would like to join a friendly and creative youth movement of the Ukrainian Red Cross Society, please contact Michael Bandriwsky, the chairman of the Youth Commission of the Red Cross Society (specify phone number.).

* According to the standards of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, youth are considered to be up to thirty years.