Video: Assistance in Close Proximity to the Front Line

Video: Assistance in Close Proximity to the Front Line

Almost all of the government-controlled territory of the Donetsk region is located within a 30-kilometre zone from the front line. Therefore, shelling and civilian infrastructure destruction have become part of the lives of people in these settlements. 

Over the 10 years that the Donetsk region has had a special status, following Russia’s full-scale invasion, the humanitarian situation in the region has deteriorated critically. A significant number of people have lost their homes, jobs, and, worst of all, their loved ones. 

Volunteers of the Ukrainian Red Cross are tirelessly working in the region, providing people with essentials and food. Emergency response teams swiftly arrive at the scenes of emergency, while mobile health units provide healthcare services to residents in remote settlements, and clothing banks are in operation. 

We work for people because they need our support and assistance more than ever before. 

We stand by those in need! 

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