Helping in Khersonska oblast

Helping in Khersonska oblast

The last weeks are especially difficult for the people of Khersonska oblast. Ukrainian Red Cross is making every effort to help vulnerable groups: large families, people with disabilities, lonely elderly people, and patients of medical and social institutions.

For residents of Kherson, Bilozerska hromada, Holoprystanska hromada, Oleshky district, Ukrainian Red Cross provides:

  • humanitarian aid with food and hygiene products;
  • opportunity to use the clothing bank, where people can find clothes and shoes;
  • psychosocial support;
  • first aid trainings.

Also in the region continue to work:
– Emergency response team, which assists with the delivery of humanitarian aid and evacuation of the people;
– Restoring family links service that collects data to help restore lost family ties.

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