‘’Good scarf’’

‘’Good scarf’’

In the capital of Ukraine, Kyiv – volunteers of the URCS Podolsk district organization of Kyiv organized the action “Good scarf” for those who are in need of warm clothes.

Frosty weather has come to Ukraine with winter. To take care of those who are very cold now, URCS volunteers hung warm scarves on one of the streets in Kyiv. Volunteers attached a note to the scarf“Not a lost thing. Coldly? Take a piece of warmth’’, so anyone can take a clean warm scarf and keep warm.

The idea of this campaign was firstly born in the USA in 2008. After one of the street exhibitions on decorating trees with knitted things, Elizabeth Simons thought about the need for warm clothes for people who are in difficult life circumstances. The next day, Elizabeth organized a clothing distribution on the city streets.

Volunteers are actively supporting the ‘’Good Scarf’’ campaign and are constantly renewing warm clothes on the streets of the capital.


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