Assistance with construction materials in the Kyivska oblast

Assistance with construction materials in the Kyivska oblast

Residents of the village of Kukhari received another batch of assistance with construction materials from Ukrainian Red Cross within the framework of the “Hatynka” project.

“Immediately after the de-occupation of part of our district, we loaded the cars with products and went to help people. You can say randomly, because there was no communication or requests, respectively, at that time. Terrible destruction of houses was seen in the villages. Almost all people asked for help in the form of building materials,” says Yevhen Varava, head of Vyshhorod district organization of Ukrainian Red Cross Society.

“Our organization has not yet provided such assistance to the population, but the need was acute, so we decided to try it. This is how the “Hatynka” project began”.

Kukhari is one of the three settlements that participated in the project. To date, all planned construction materials have been handed over to people.

We continue to work and help those who need it most.

We are close.

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