The work of the Ukrainian Red Cross since the beginning of the escalation of the armed conflict

The work of the Ukrainian Red Cross since the beginning of the escalation of the armed conflict

From the beginning of the aggravation of the situation in the country, the Ukrainian Red Cross immediately began to help the victims and evacuees. 

In all regions of the country, the work is carried out around the clock with coordination with public services, partners and colleagues from the International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement. The Ukrainian Red Cross also monitors the assessment of the needs of the population to know — what, where and what kind of help people need.

Operational assistance to the population

During the last 5 days, volunteers and employees of the Red Cross of Ukraine haven’t stopped their work for a moment, providing support to the population in the context of a large-scale humanitarian crisis. 

As of 27.02.2022:

The Emergency Response Teams of the Ukrainian Red Cross provide support to fire brigades and the State Emergency Service of Ukraine in repairing damaged civilian buildings and infrastructure. More than 50 lives have been saved during this time. Rapid deployment squads also are on duty at overladen border crossing points: arranging places for mother and child; providing people with water, food and hygiene items; providing people with first aid and psychological first aid.

  • Volunteers and employees provide first aid and psychological first aid to all people who need it around the clock. 
  • Teach first aid skills to all comers, online and offline.  More than 2,000 people have been trained in the last three days.
  • We help to evacuate the civilian population from the places where the shelling takes place.
  • More than 30000 people have already received humanitarian aid from the Red Cross emergency stockpile: including hygiene and food kits, warm clothing and medicine.
  • Organized collection points for essentials in the regions to be handed over to those who need them now: clothes, food, hygiene items, drinks, bed linen, blankets, etc.
  • If necessary, the victims are transported to hospitals.
  • They transfer medicines and medical supplies to medical institutions, as well as organize the collection of everything necessary for hospitals.
  • Assistance is provided in the organization of blood donation points.
  • Explanatory work on mine danger and international humanitarian law (IHL)  is being carried out.  Announcements of online mine safety pieces of training can be found on the official website of the Ukrainian Red Cross.
  • Help to contact relatives through the Red Cross hotline.
  • And they are working to attract international humanitarian aid.

Everyone who cares can also join in providing assistance to the population by supporting the Ukrainian Red Cross Society.  You can donate right now:

Also, everyone can join the reserve of volunteers.  In addition to employees, the Ukrainian Red Cross employs more than 3,000 volunteers across the country in 280 local and 24 regional organizations.  In these 4 days, more than 1,000 people have joined the ranks of Red Cross volunteers and we are infinitely grateful to each of them for their efforts, indifference, perseverance and tirelessness.  You can become a volunteer of the Ukrainian Red Cross by filling out the form at the link:

Useful resources about the Ukrainian Red Cross activities and contacts.

Information about the work of the Ukrainian Red Cross, the needs of the population and educational materials can be found on the official resources of the Ukrainian Red Cross:

Let’s hold on and support each other in this difficult time for the country!

The Ukrainian Red Cross Society is always where people need it.