Ukrainian Red Cross volunteers help Ukrainians arriving home from Poland

Ukrainian Red Cross volunteers in protective gear amid the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, stay on the platform as they take part in the medical support of passengers of a train with Ukrainians coming from Peremyshl, an eastern Polish city of 66,000 people, on March 23, 2020, in Lviv.

Photo by Maksym Trebukhov/Ukrainian Red Cross

Close to 100,000 Ukrainians who lived or traveled abroad have returned home since Ukraine tightened the borders on March 27 to combat the spread of the coronavirus, but several thousand Ukrainians remain.

Poland remains the most popular destination for Ukrainians, with more than 200,000 holding residency permits and another 1 million going back and forth as seasonal workers.

Since March 23, International Red Cross workers have accompanied hundreds of returning Ukrainians from Peremyshl, an eastern Polish city of 66,000 people.

Pavlo Podufalov, Kyiv Post

Евакуація, Львів-Київ