URCS announces the competition for the position of a “Youth Leaders of Ukraine” Project Coordinator

Based in Ukrainian Red Cross Society (URCS) National Committee in Kyiv, the Project Coordinator is in charge to implement the “Youth Leaders of Ukraine” Project as a part of the “Danish Neighbourhood Programme. The Youth Pool 2020-21” (DANEP).


Title: “Youth Leaders of Ukraine” Project Coordinator

Duration: Full time by the end of 2021 with opportunity for extension

Starting date: As soon as possible

Location: Kyiv with travels to Kharkiv and Dnipropetrovsk regions

Reports to: Head of Humanitarian Education Unit 


URCS is developing towards a more comprehensive education response with Humanitarian Education (HE) programmes and activities aimed to empower people (especially youth) to deal with daily challenges in the spirit of humanitarian values and fundamental principles of the Red Cross/ Red Crescent Movement. It is institutionalized under the newly established Humanitarian Education Unit. The HE Unit has evolved and continues to develop with capacity and technical support of the Danish Red Cross, Danish Red Cross Youth, IFRC and ICRC with a focus on applying a methodology for engaging youth in humanitarian programs. Key thematic blocks of the HE Unit are:

  •  “Behavioral Changes” with participant centred approach where young people through role-plays, simulations, storytelling etc., explore topics such as, social and emotional intelligence, critical thinking, diversity and inclusion, gender sensitivity, collaborative negotiation, conflict and violence mitigation;
  • “Active Citizenship” aimed at engaging youth in methods for taking the lead in designing and implementing community initiatives including in schools;
  • “Humanitarian Leadership” programme that is providing leadership education and mentoring support for RC volunteer leaders including youth on advocacy and campaigning on humanitarian topics.
  • “Youth Leaders of Ukraine” Project is implementing combined approach to Youth engagement and development using different Humanitarian Education tools and contributing to overall volunteerism development in URCS and Ukraine.

Project Description

The “Youth Leaders of Ukraine” Project is being implemented under the programme of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark “The Danish Neighbourhood Programme. The Youth Pool 2020-21” with support of the Danish Red Cross and in partnership with the Danish Red Cross Youth, the Ministry of Youth and Sports of Ukraine, the Ukrainian Leadership Academy, the National Youth Council of Ukraine and the Ombudsman of the President on volunteering.

The project aims to develop youth leadership and volunteer teams in Ukraine and enables the youth to take an active role in changing and building up local communities through social activities and involvement in social life – thus contributing to a more developed and stable Ukrainian society.

The project is being implemented in 6 locations in Dnipropetrovsk (Dnipro, Kryvyi Rih, Pavlograd) and Kharkiv (Kharkiv, Kupyansk, Krasnograd) regions during 2020-2021.

What we are doing?

Selecting active leaders among young people in pilot locations;
Educating them on effective leadership and team building, designing social activities according to community needs in various formats and scales in the spirit of the RCRC values ​​and principles – and supporting their implementation;
Explaining specifics and strength of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement principles and values;
Helping leaders to gather and unite volunteer teams;
Training and supporting mentors for our leaders and teams;
Ensuring holding of democratic elections of leaders at the higher levels – district, regional, national;
Teaching humanitarian diplomacy and youth advocacy – and supporting advocacy campaigns of our youth leaders;
Gathering representatives of civic and state organizations and activists of a community to find common solutions to issues of youth and whole community;
Teaching teams to communicate their successes and achievements beautifully and effectively;
Creating conditions for the Danish-Ukrainian youth exchange of experience – as far as quarantine restrictions will allow us.

More information on the “Youth Leaders of Ukraine” Project and “Volunteering is your PLUS” Initiative at the FB-page: https://www.facebook.com/VolunteeringIsYourPLUS/


The aim of the post is further development and strengthening of the Humanitarian Education area and implementing the “Youth Leaders of Ukraine” Project as a part of the “Danish Neighbourhood Programme. The Youth Pool 2020-21” (DANEP) including, but not limited to;

  • Overall Project implementation at the national level;
  • Coordination of work of all the Project staff, including National Financial Coordinator, Regional Financial Managers and Regional Project Managers;
  • Collaboration with URCS Volunteer and Youth Development Unit, Organisational Development Unit Information and PR Unit and other related to implementation departments and units of URCS to ensure the efficiency and effectiveness;
  • Collaboration with Project partners during the Project’s implementation;
  • Collaboration with the local CSO-partners participating in the Project implementation;
  • Ensuring the project is implemented according to the Project Implementation plan; 
  • Organization the national level project activities (trainings, meetings, surveys, etc.);
  • Preparation all the required Project documentation;
  • Control the budget of the Project at the national level and spending of funds in accordance with the budget lines;
  • Participation in development and integration of training programs, methodological materials and educational curriculums of the Project to URCS Humanitarian Education framework;
  • (If COVID 19 situation permits) Regular monitoring visits to Kharkiv and Dnipropetrovsk regions to monitor, guides, supports and evaluates Project activities;
  • Support of cooperation with various organizations and public authorities for the quality implementation of the Project activities;
  • Support of Regional Project Managers in involvement of volunteers for youth volunteer potential development in the project regions and the implementation of Project activities;
  • Support Regional Project Managers in searches for and involvement in Project activities the most vulnerable IDPs, demobilized servicemen and their families and representatives of the local population, as well as other vulnerable groups;
  • Support of Regional Project Managers and URCS Local Branches in organization of the election process for youth leaders at the regional level, participates in organisation of the youth leader election process at the national level in cooperation with Volunteer and Youth Development Unit;
  • Organization of meetings of youth teams at the national level in cooperation with Regional Project Managers;
  • Monitoring and evaluation the Project activities at the national level, process and consolidates collected information;
  • Coordination and control of communications and visibility of the Project;
  • Support and supervision of advocacy activities during the Project implementation;
  • Ensuring that field staff and volunteers of the Project adhere to a range of documents and policies adopted throughout URCS, such as Volunteering Contract, Code of Conduct, Non-Disclosure Agreement Gender Policy, Child Safeguarding Policy and Procedures, PSEA, Data Protection Policy (if applicable);
  • Preparation and submission of quarterly reports to DRC;
  • Consolidation of the Final Report on the Project;
  • Other activities for efficient implementation of the Project;
  • Other activities for Humanitarian Education and Volunteerism development.

The tasks and responsibilities defined above are not exhaustive and can evolve depending on organizational needs.

Depending on the COVID 19 situation, all tasks and responsibilities might be modified so that the remote Project management is ensured.


Education in the field of social work, pedagogy sociology or another relevant social science discipline;
Work experience in organizational development and management, non-profit, humanitarian sector, social field or resource management;
Knowledge of project management cycle, methodologies and tools, preferably experience with project development and management including fundraising and donor relations;
Experience in methodology development is an asset;
Experience in staff capacity building especially training design, development and delivery;
Excellent networking and representational skills;
Excellent communication and teamwork skills, especially related to youth;
Experience in youth engagement, volunteering;
Good knowledge of written and spoken English;
Computer proficiency;
Knowledge of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement is an asset.
Please submit your CV in English, with the desired salary level, along with your motivation letter in English by 13.06.2021 at vacancy@redcross.org.ua.

Only candidates meeting the abovementioned criteria will be considered and contacted for tests and interviews.