URCS announces the competition for the position of Consultancy: Study on the perspectives for sustainability of URCS PSS services

URCS announces the competition for the position of Consultancy: Study on the perspectives for sustainability of URCS PSS services in the social and humanitarian sector in Ukraine.

Purpose: This formative study aims to explore opportunities for sustainable development of psychosocial support services provided by Ukrainian Red Cross Society (URCS) based on the analysis of the existing system and environment with following perspectives:

Social/humanitarian market assessment and competitiveness of PSSservices in Ukraine (inc. mapping of providers)
URCS PSS structural analysis, including processes, subordination and communication lines (HQ vs. Regional and local levels; PSS Unit vs. other structural units of URCS HQ), existing capacity and resources available nationally and regionally, costs models
PSS resources mobilization opportunities on local and national levels. Specific interest to PFA provision on the national level and PSS services linkages to local budgets (hromadas).

Consultant’s Qualifications:

The selection of the study consultant(s) will be based on the qualifications outlined below:
Sound understanding of state Regulations and the System of provision social services in Ukraine both in state and Civil Society frames on national and regional levels.
Deep understanding of programs and resources mobilisation for NGOs to provide psychosocial support services for the population and mechanisms for accessing such resources at the national and local levels.
Understanding of the management, cost models of the humanitarian/social services,  
Considerable experience in studies and evaluations
Experience of analyses complex material and communicating this in written format;
Sensitive to the complexities and constraints associated with Red Cross and Red Crescent mandate;
Excellent written and spoken English skills required, as well as excellent analytical and presentation skills;
Experience of working with URCS would be an advantage.

Objectives of the Evaluation 

– To analyse the relevance of the existing types of PSS services in the market of social-humanitarian services and propose the most relevant URCS services for future roll out and developmen.

To analyse current URCS’s structural model of provision of PSS services including management lines on national, regional and district levels, training system structure, HR and volunteer management issues, and provide recommendations.

– Analyse core cost of the selected PSS services and define appropriate costs models at branch and at national levels taking in account the cost effectiveness/efficiency and capacities.
– To analyse / map existing PSS expertise/methodology, activities,capacity and resources distribution nationally and regionally in order define the needs to be covered with resource mobilization efforts and resource mobilization channels/modalities based on this analysis.

– Analyse and provide strategic recommendations on available resources mechanism for the provision of PSS services and to sustain PSS system in URCS taking in consideration opportunities for mobilisation of state resources

Study Methodology

The study will utilize a mix of methodologies for data triangulation as follows:

Review and analyse of secondary data and key documents, including from external sources
Review and analyse of internal URCS regulations and SOP on PSS and branch development, resource mobilisation.
Interviews with key informants such as Kyiv-based URCS staff directly involved in PSS development, branch and volunteer development and resource mobilisation along with the URCS senior management, DRC staff providing technical support to the PSS projects and organisational development.
On-line interviews or/and focus group discussions with Regional and District level URCS staff/volunteers.
Interviews with Government authorities and non-government organisations working in the same areas

Final report

The final report will contain an executive summary (no more than 1,000 words) and a main body of the report (no more than 15,000 words) covering:

the background of the study;

a description of the methods of the study and limitations;

detailed suggested sections and with discussions on the findings

conclusions and lessons learned;


The document will contain appropriate appendices, including the Terms of Reference, cited resources or bibliography, a list of those interviewed and any other materials as relevant.  The analysis should be gender disaggregated as far as is possible and when relevant. The final report shall be submitted one week after receipt of the consolidated feedback. Presentation of the main results of the study for URCS Senior management, DRC country office Ukraine and other relevant URCS staff and PNS’s shall be done in one week after submission of the final report in the form of 1 hour webinar.  

All products arising from this evaluation will be owned by the DRC and URCS. The evaluator will not be allowed, without prior authorisation in writing, to present any of the analytical results as his or her own work or to make use of the evaluation results for private publication purposes.

Application materials should include:

1.   Curriculum Vitae (CV);

2.   Cover letter clearly summarizing experience as it pertains to this Study, availability and previous recommendations;

3. Compensation budget reflecting main costs

Please submit to vacancy@redcross.org.ua. by 24 05.2021