Ukrainian Red Cross Society opens position of Project Coordinator Active Youth for Safer Schools

Based in Ukrainian Red Cross Society (URCS) National Committee in Kyiv, the Project Coordinator is responsible for the overall management and the implementation of the project “Active Youth for Safer Schools”.

Project Description

The Active Youth for Safer Schools” Project is aimed to increase school safety in the selected locations in the Donbass area by supporting high school youth’s active engagement in the project-based school community activities. The Project will engage school youth of 9th-10thgrades (15-16 years) in Donetsk and Luhansk oblast in humanitarian education behavioural changes and project-based learning activities. They will be designed based on Life Skills and Sprint programmes. Life Skills sessions on active listening, critical thinking, conflict management etc. will be conducted to create environment for positive attitude, creativity and teamwork of the participants. During Sprint social project design sessions young people will find identify the issues in their school community and work on solutions. Selected projects will receive mini grants and ongoing support in their implementation. . The Project will be implemented in 8 schools during 2021 with potential further prolongation.

Job requirements:

  • Education in the field of social work, pedagogy or related specialty;
  • Work experience in organizational management, non-profit, humanitarian sector, social field or resource management;
  • Knowledge of project management cycle, methodologies and tools;
  • Excellent communication and teamwork skills, especially related to youth;
  • Experience in youth engagement, volunteering;
  • Experience in staff capacity building, training development and delivery;
  • Experience in working with children and youth; • Good written and spoken English;
  • Knowledge of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement.

Tasks and responsibilities:

  • Is responsible for the overall Project implementation at the national level;
  • Coordinates the work of all the Project staff, including HQ Financial Coordinator, Regional Financial Managers and Regional Project Managers;
  • Ensures collaboration with International Committee of Red Cross (ICRC), Danish Red Cross (DRC) and Danish Red Cross Youth (DRCY) during the Project implementation;
  • Ensures collaboration with the Regional and Local Branches of the URCS and educational institutions participating in the Project implementation;
  • Prepares plans of Project implementation, including trainings, youth project selection and implementation, and other activities of the Project, determines numbers of activities and estimated resources required, timeframes for the implementation of activities planned;
  • Ensures the project is implemented according to the plan;
  • Prepares all the required project documentation;
  • Controls the budget of the Project at the national level and spending of funds in accordance with the budget lines;
  • Supports cooperation with various organizations and public authorities for the quality implementation of the Project activities;
  • Supports Regional Project Managers in involvement of volunteers for implementation of Project activities and youth volunteer potential development in the Project regions;
  • Supports Regional Project Managers and URCS District and Regional Branches in organization of the volunteer selection process at the regional level; • Coordinates the organisation of trainings and other capacity building activities at national and regional levels;
  • (If COVID 19 situation permits) regularly travels to Donetsk and Lugansk regions to monitor, guides, supports and evaluates project activities;
  • Coordinates and controls communications and visibility of the Project;
  • Takes active part in development and promotion of Humanitarian Education, behavioural changes and project-based learning in particular at the national level;
  • Contributes to the overall development of organizational capacity of subordinated organizations;
  • Prepares and submits quarterly reports to URCS and ICRC; • Consolidates the Final Report on the Project;
  • Ensures that field staff and volunteers of the Project adhere to a range of documents and policies adopted throughout URCS, such as Volunteering Contract, Code of Conduct, Non-Disclosure Agreement Gender Policy, Child Safeguarding Policy and Procedures, PSEA, Data Protection Policy (if applicable);
  • Other activities for efficient implementation of the Project.

Depending on the COVID 19 situation, all tasks and responsibilities might be modified so that the remote Project management is ensured.


Project Coordinator has the right to:

  • Get acquainted with the documents that define his rights and responsibilities;
  • Represent the interests of the Red Cross Society of Ukraine in public authorities and other organizations at the regional level in the framework of the Project;
  • Report on all identified violations and shortcomings within his/her competence;
  • Make suggestions to the Head of Humanitarian Education Unit of the URCS and to the Education coordinator (ICRC) to improve the work related to the responsibilities set out in this ToR.


Project Coordinator is responsible for:

  • Сompliance with Code of Conduct, Non-Disclosure Agreement Gender Policy, Child Safeguarding Policy and Procedures, PSEA, Data Protection Policy of the URCS;
  • Improper performance or non-performance of his/her job responsibilities listed in this ToR, within the limits set by the current labour legislation of Ukraine;
  • Offenses committed in the course of his/her activities, within the limits set by the current administrative, criminal and civil legislation of Ukraine;
  • Purposeful damage of material goods, within the limits set by the current civil and labour legislation of Ukraine/

Please send your resume and motivation letters (obligatory) to the following address:, by November, 13